Long Waterproof Windproof Casual Women Coat

The Fashionable Winter Long Waterproof Windproof Casual Coat For Ladies, design and produces by MAYLIFY

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General Details


Model Number 19065
Size S-3XL
Colors Can be customized
Package Bags, cartons
LOGO Can be customized
OEM Acceptable 100pcs/colors, 400pcs/model

1.Provide samples, arrive within 3-6 days
2.The placket is a zipper, convenient to wear and take off
3.The padding is cotton, warm and comfortable
4.Sleeves are one of the key parts in making a good jacket. Therefore, they are carefully made both in making the pattern and tailoring.
5.Can be sent directly to the Amazon warehouse, can be posted SKU barcode

Amazon One-Step Service
*Provide UPC Code (Free)
*Provide High Pixels Product Picture (Free)
*Provide Amazon labeling service (Free)
*Provide Small MOQ With Factory Price

Product Description

Long Waterproof Windproof Casual Women Coat Details

Long Waterproof Windproof Casual Women Coat details 1


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