March 26, 2021

Few Important Tips To Nourish Your Favorite Padded Jacket

Your padded jacket provides you with great comfort in extremely cold weather, trekking and hiking. It also lets you relish evenings at high altitude where the temperature remains under -4 degree Celsius or below. One padded jacket is enough to get insulation from shivering cold season after season. Therefore, it is a huge investment when you buy a padded jacket.

As a down jacket is an indispensable part of your adventure, it is essential to clean and store this jacket properly.

Here are few notable tips you can follow to keep your jacket in good shape.

1. Avoid wearing this jacket in heavy rain: 

You will often hear the term “Splash proof” when you will buy a padded jacket, but usually, it lasts for two hours in mild rain. They are not durable in heavy rain. During heavy rain, you can pull out your raincoat over your padded jacket to avoid getting it completely wet. You can wear it only in a mild drizzle.

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( Most padded jackets are solely splashproof and may stand up to gentle rain for about 1-2 hours. So please keep away from getting them utterly moist. )

2. Spare dry cleaning: 

Dry cleaning is precarious for most padded jacket. It may damage your padded jacket, as most dry cleaners are not equipped to maintain this jacket properly. You can select a gentle hand washing option to clean your favourite mountain climbing suit. You can machine-wash it once a year.

3. Choose natural detergent:

Select a natural detergent for your padded jacket, which do not contain harsh chemicals. Because the most padded jacket is made up of delicate insulating filling material, you should take extra care to use chemical detergent. 


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( After washing, dry your padded jacket within the daylight for at least an entire day to completely take away moisture. )

4. Avoid long-term storage in bags:

 In storage, the most helpful method is to hang a padded jacket in the closet. If you want to store it in a bag for long, you have to fold and squeeze it into a tiny space, damaging the filling material. Preservation in a bag or storage pockets for a more extended period can also create spots in your coat. So to properly maintain the underlying filling, hang your puffer jacket in a dry place.

Few Tips To Maintain Your Favorite Padded Jacket (5)( Don’t fold your padded jacket while storing it. Hold it utilizing a superb high-quality hanger in your wardrobe to take care of the padding loft. )

5. Be very careful with sharp objects:

Sometimes, you may unconscious about your surrounding, and your new padded jacket might get cut with a sharp edge like a railing or chainsaw. If this happens, you can spare the quick fix option with a tape; instead, you should patch the hole with a needle and thread. In this case, avoid washing the jacket. Patch the hole first, then go with the cleaning process.

6. Avoid wearing it in trekking: 

Padded jackets have a delicate outer layer, which is more prone to damage by sharp objects in a mountainous region like tree branches. You can wear a fleece jacket instead of the padded jacket at the time of trekking. It will provide extra protection for your favourite mountain gear. Besides, you can put on it at the campsite. 

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In the event you observe these easy steps, you possibly can rest assured that your padded jacket will last you many lengthy treks.
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